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Private tutoring is extremely costly, particularly when it comes to specialized curricula for children with dyslexia. Each year, numerous families in the tri-state area face the extraordinary challenge of finding and funding these life-changing services. The two campuses … [ read more ]


About Dyslexia

Reading is an extremely challenging experience for children who live with dyslexia. This neurologically based disorder interferes with the child’s ability to acquire and process language. Dyslexia varies in its severity and is manifested by difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, … [ read more ]


Anna and Benjamin were fully aware they were struggling with learning to read, but only if they suffered more would the school district test them. My husband and I decided to pay out-of-pocket for a full educational and psychological evaluation. As we expected, both Anna and Benjamin have dyslexia. Both children were accepted to the Children’s Dyslexia Centers of Cincinnati. Through Orton-Gillingham tutoring, Anna and Benjamin have not only kept up with their peers with reading, but also are now above their grade level. Both children have developed a love of reading. Seeing my children spontaneously curl up with a book and start reading is invaluable. Telling them they have to stop reading and get to sleep because tomorrow is a school day is priceless. Their dyslexia has given them strengths in other areas, such as creativity and three-dimensional spatial relationships, but their … [ read more ]